With so many realtors to compete against, sometimes, building a successful career as a real estate agent can be challenging. How do you convince clients to trust your skills and expertise to buy or sell their homes? How do you distinguish yourself from other agents in your area? The answer is simple: build an online platform. Utilizing social media accounts and publishing a professional website are all successful and simple forms of digital marketing.

Whether you’re a recently licensed realtor or an industry professional, everyone can benefit from learning the advantages of digital marketing for real estate agents. Marketing your skills and services online can help grow your reach to new clients and show off some of your most impressive property sales. To learn more about some of the greatest advantages of digital marketing, continue reading below.

Successfully Market Yourself

Can you think of a single business that hasn’t already developed an online website for their business? Even if their webpage is simple, almost every company understands how vital it is to have a designated webpage for their services. Having a site to support your realtor career is just as essential.

To be a successful real estate agent, you have to become comfortable with marketing yourself. Your brokerage gives you the training, support, and tools you need to succeed at buying and selling homes for clients, but it’s your responsibility to market your professionalism to clients.

Professional Websites as Portfolios

The more seriously you take your business as a realtor, the more seriously clients will see you. Professional websites serve as a portfolio for clients to see your history as a realtor and decide whether they can confidently place their trust in you to sell their home.

If you’re a new realtor, supplement your lack of experience with your rigorous knowledge of the real estate industry. Prospective clients will gear toward realtors who they feel they can relate to and trust.

Create a Resource for Prospective Clients

Deciding whether to use a real estate agent can be a challenging debate for many homeowners. Choosing which agent to represent a property is an even more difficult obstacle for many people to overcome.

But when clients have access to different real estate agents’ online websites and portfolios, they can browse these pages conveniently and make a confident decision.

Not only will prospective clients appreciate these resources, but they’re also more likely to share your website with other clients.

Widen Your Scope of Prospective Clients

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have made the process of sharing information instant and accessible. With a few taps on a screen, clients can share your website and information with other people who might be interested in your services.

This makes the marketing process free, and it’s also highly effective. As clients share your online information with more of their friends and family, your client network will continue to grow. We highly recommend utilizing this practical digital marketing strategy.

Instant Access To Prospective Clients

One of the most exciting advantages of digital marketing is the instant access a realtor has to clients. Social media has revolutionized how quickly professionals can personally reach out to customers. As a realtor, your social media platform will give you a designated space to answer questions from prospective clients and market yourself more personally.

For example, if a prospective client leaves a comment on an Instagram post asking for advice on selling their home, you can instantly message this client and share how you can help them receive the best price for their home. The immediate and personal contact realtors can gain when utilizing social media accounts is instrumental to building a reliable client base. Review the best social media sites to operate as a realtor below:

The Best Social Media Platforms Real Estate Agents Should Use

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Track the Results of Your Marketing

Unlike most standard marketing strategies, businesses can thoroughly examine how to tailor their digital marketing to customer’s needs. Implementing a personal website and social media accounts will give realtors access to their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly analytics. Agents can review how many customers interact with their digital platforms every day and what components of their online presence receive the most attention and likes from customers.

With these results in mind, realtors can adjust their digital marketing to create posts and advertisements that include more products and services that customers engage with the most. Having the ability to track how well your digital marketing campaigns do with prospective clients is a crucial resource for any realtor.

Incorporate Online Reviews, Recommendations, and Testimonials

Homebuyers and sellers want to feel confident placing their trust in a new real estate agent. One of the best ways to put new clients at ease is to provide past client testimonials. Offering these online reviews will give prospective clients a chance to read through the experiences of past clients and feel more confident about choosing you as their representative.

Encourage Satisfied Clients to Post Their Reviews

Online reviews are also simple for clients to add, which means you’ll have a higher number of testimonials accumulate over time. With these testimonials, you can let your success as a realtor speak for itself.

Regardless of how established you are, there’s no reason not to utilize the advantages of digital marketing as a real estate agent. Creating an online presence will help you establish a professional persona, and it’ll make for an invaluable resource for prospective clients. If you don’t already use online platforms, now is the time to develop these accounts to track your career’s success.

Here at LoKation Real Estate, we’re a 100 percent commission brokerage dedicated to helping new realtors build long-lasting and successful careers. Our Florida brokerage office was the first company to migrate the 100 percent commission model into the U.S. in 2009 and has continued to grow ever since. For more information on our 100 percent commission real estate brokerage in Miami, Florida, or more agent resources, explore our website.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing For Real Estate Agents