Florida offers potential home or property buyers a sprawling world of opportunity. After all, it’s teeming with vibrant coastal towns that offer affordable costs of living, excellent median home values, and a mind-boggling number of premium amenities. But don’t take our word for it. Delve into our shortlist of Floridian towns where the real estate markets are ablaze with opportunities for real estate professionals of all kinds.

Port Charlotte

We can’t discuss Floridian cities on the up-and-up without mentioning Port Charlotte. Known for its slightly bucolic charm, this hidden gem is a dream for those seeking a tranquil, nostalgic town.

Port Charlotte is only about an hour away from Fort Myers, so accessing the luxuriant creature comforts of larger metropolises when you need to is never a challenge. And for those skeptical that a quiet coastal town would have little stimulation to offer residents, don’t worry. With its gorgeous national parks, impeccable dining, shopping, and world-class beaches, Port Charlotte is unlikely to disappoint.

Plus, Port Charlotte saw a soaring 23 percent jump in median home price over the last two years. Combine that with the fact that homes in the area are selling like hotcakes, and you have a recipe for a rich and thriving real estate market.

St. Petersburg

Heralded for its safe neighborhoods, gorgeous views, and abundance of sunshine, St. Petersburg is among the fastest-growing real estate markets in Florida. This shouldn’t come as a shock—the region has been widely considered one of the most wonderful places to live for years.

Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg overflows with opulent amenities, restaurants, and vivacious nightlife. On top of that, this smaller city offers residents proximity to sugar sand beaches and watersports such as boating and fishing. But what makes St. Petersburg hot in terms of real estate is its:

  • Affordable cost of living
  • Thriving job market
  • Emphasis on green living

Plus, St. Petersburg teems with opportunities for further development, which means the market for real estate professionals will only continue to improve.


Another city among the ranks of the fastest-growing real estate markets in Florida is none other than Orlando. This ever-growing hub has made a name as America’s 23rd largest metro area. Endearingly nicknamed “The City Beautiful,” Orlando is home to a healthy handful of world-renowned attractions.

With excellent neighborhoods, various restaurants and parks, and the perfect marriage of urban and suburban living, it’s not hard to see why 138 people move to Orlando daily. But Orlando’s real estate appeal goes far beyond that. Its cost of living is also something to write home about, as it’s 2 percent lower than the national average.

Orlando is also an excellent place to find a dream job. It boasts one of the most diverse markets, with industries ranging from animation and journalism to public education and tech solutions. If that isn’t convincing enough, this Orange County town has seen a significant jump in average home value.

Plus, houses are being put on the market and sold within thirteen days—and they always sell at or above listing prices, which makes Orlando a dream for real estate agents, investors, and brokers alike. If you’re interested in doing business here, give Location Real Estate a call. Our 100 percent commission real estate brokerage in Orlando will ensure you have everything you need to succeed in this thriving town.