Whether you’re in your rookie year or a seasoned real estate agent with decades of experience on your resume, answering questions is a part of your job description. After all, potential clients will want to know that they’re working with a trustworthy professional who knows how to get the best value for their home.

Thus, there are a few questions every real estate agent should know how to answer—especially if you want to build communicative and trusting relationships with potential clients. Fortunately, we’ve laid out a few of the most common FAQs in this brief guide.

Q1: What Are Your Qualifications?

You can view your relationship with each client as a business partnership. The best business partnerships are built on a common goal, trust, and, of course, proper qualifications. So the first thing your clients will ask you about is often your qualifications as an agent—and you need to come prepared with a clear answer.

They’ll likely want to know how long you’ve been an agent and many homes you’ve sold successfully in the last year. They might also ask about any additional education, skills, or specialties you have that could be helpful to their transaction.

You can expect clients to ask about any industry awards you’ve received, and they might even ask for client reviews and referrals to get an outside opinion on your work. This is your chance to showcase your best work, so be prepared to answer these questions thoroughly.

Q2: How Well Do You Know the Area?

How well you know the area is among the questions every real estate agent should know how to answer. The reason for this is simple—the better you know a place, the greater the chances you have of closing the deal on a home there.

Clients want to know that you understand their region intimately. They don’t have to worry about knowing where the best neighborhoods, schools, and houses are. You can point these things out for them. Thus, you should always have a detailed response to this that touches on at least the following items:

  • Where you live (What’s your relation to the area?)
  • Your past clients (How many people have you worked with in the last 3-6 months?)
  • Your market knowledge (How familiar are you with the area’s market/statistics?)

Q3: Why Should I Do Business With You?

Of course, this guide on typical real estate FAQs wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the essential questions, “Why should I do business with you?” If you take nothing else from this guide, understand that you must have a clear answer for this inquiry.

When you’re asked this question, you need to be able to tell your clients what makes you the best choice for them. Showcasing your strengths here is key. Start with explaining how you do the following things:

  • How you market homes
  • How you meet the needs of your clients
  • What sets you apart from other agents

Explaining these things in detail to your clients will help them understand why you’re the best fit for them. And remember—if you’re in the Sunshine State and looking for a new brokerage to help you advance your career, call Lokation Real Estate. Our 100-percent commission real estate brokerage in Miami will answer your questions and ensure you know how to answer your client’s questions, too.