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About LoKation Plantation

Plantation, FL, is an area that’s rich with opportunities for real estate brokers. Near Miami, FL, it offers a lot of cultural diversity, coupled with open areas and plenty of entertainment. The LoKation team of 100 percent commission real estate brokers in Plantation, FL, is experienced and willing to show you how to succeed in the real estate market in the area. Our team supports each other, and we foster a culture to build each other up, as one person’s success is everyone’s success.

LoKation offers many services for our real estate brokers to help you facilitate your deals and make your sales process go quickly. We provide staff that will help you get to your next deal, so you can maximize your earning potential and work as hard as you want. If you need marketing help, a contract closer, administrative assistance, or organizational support, we have the personnel available to you. Our mentors and brokers are always there to talk strategy and answer questions; you will find the help at LoKation you would not find anywhere else.

Grow as a Professional

LoKation provides training, educational resources, and many other opportunities for our real estate brokers to grow as professionals. We invest in our members’ professional development by providing classes and seminars online and in person. They can learn from specific brokers about realtor best practices, compliance guidelines, and so much more. By working with LoKation, you can become a fully realized and capable 100 percent commission real estate broker for the Plantation, FL, area.

LoKation offices and members will also regularly meet for conferences and large seminars where we can socialize, have fun, collaborate, and listen to each other’s successes. We can also learn and grow as a much larger team to build each other up to success.

Our Plantation office is located in just North of I-595 and Pine Island Rd. Call the Office to schedule an appointment with a local real estate professional.




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Suite 300
Plantation, FL 33324

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