Integrated Technology Solutions

LoKation® Realtors Have A Full Complement of Technology, Tools, and Resources

Leveraging these tools will:

  • Increase your exposure.
  • Generate more leads.
  • Convert more leads to clients.

Whether you are tech-savvy or more entry-level, you will enjoy great support, easy set-up, and education on how to leverage our various platforms.

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works…” – Douglas Adams (Author)



Your Entire Business – All in one place!

  • Drive more business with powerful and proven lead-generation tools
  • Branded IDX Website
  • Stay top-of-mind with the Smart CRM
  • Manage and promote Listings in real-time
  • Transaction Management Integration
  • Business Analytics to maximize growth
  • In-House Tech Assistance or
  • White-Glove Set-Up Available

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Featuring our new integrated IDX home search interface, Teaser Registration™ lead capture system, TurboLeads CRM and mobile app, Elite Service and so much more. Over 300 designs to choose from, all infinitely customizable.

  • Customizable IDX Website
  • Lead Management System
  • Lead Capture Tools
    *Premium Add-on


Modern, Mobile-Friendly Websites Designed for Real Estate Professionals

  • IDX Integration
  • Lead Capture
  • Area Pages
  • Mobile Friendly
  • * Premium Add-on

Your marketing efforts should never sideline you from what you do best. Let
BACK AT YOU do your campaign’s heavy lifting so you can focus on showing
more homes, winning more leads and closing more sales.

  • Automated Individual Property Website
  • Automated Social Media posts to Facebook, Instagram,
    LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Direct Mail Postcards
  • Open House Announcer
  • Weekly Statistics to agent and sellers (if the agent chooses)

BACK AT YOU gets you more leads by automatically posting relevant content
and fresh listings to your social media.

  • Effective farming without lifting a finger? Yes, please.
  • Auto-posting and Auto-advertising to Facebook, Instagram,
    Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Full Listing Automation
  • Localized Content to Start Conversations
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Custom Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Stats Tracker
  • Social Media Scheduler

With advanced technology, the setup can be tough and time consuming. Why reinvent the wheel when others are using it to the max already? LoKation’s White Glove Setup is the key to getting the most out of your KvCore platform in the least amount of time. Eliminate the time and concern of getting kvCore maximized to exponentially grow your Lead Generation abilities. We have successfully improved the use-case for thousand of LoKation Real Estate Agent kvCore users to date. Let technology work for you, not the other way around. While doing this on your own with an outside vendor could cost you $750-$1,000, we have negotiated a significantly reduced rate for one of the top kvCore programmers around… LoKation Agents only pay $300-$500, depending on your level of customization.


  • Template design modification for front end website
    Uploading of a custom logo if applicable (agent must provide)
  • Background Image/Video Set-Up
  • Color Scheme Set-Up (will match as close as KvCore will allow)
  • Implementation of smart campaigns (currently in use- up to 5)
  • Importing of Database (agent must provide CSV file that has already been optimized)
  • Current Lead Source Integration- standard websites (No ZAP or API Nation integrations)

Your Clients – Your Options


Selling on the MLS has long been the preferred means by which you get the most for your client. In some cases however, your seller might need to move quicker and they are willing to forego some of the proceeds for a quick sale. But instead of sending them to one of the institutional iBuyers, why not hold their hand through the process and request an offer from an independent cash buyer/investor? Your client will typically net MORE in the end, by keeping you as their agent throughout.

LoKation Instant Offers provides access to a free platform for agents to compare options with their clients. If it’s a fit for your seller, you can submit an off-market, instant offer request to cash buyer/investors. Multiple independent investors are notified when a property hits the system that meets their criteria.


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LoKation Home Search

  • Our LoKation App is personalized to you with your name and photo
  • All leads go to YOU regardless of who the listing agent is!
  • Your clients can share the app on social media and send properties to friends and family all with your branding
  • Your app includes all listings in your MLS(s) not just your own
  • Easily Share your App and generate leads via print and digital marketing
  • The App is compatible with iPhone, Android and tablets including iPad

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  • Included in Lokation Membership
  • Access to Real Estate forms
  • All Contracts Availble for Download
  • Document Storage

Your Entire Business – All in one place!


  • Access to Real Estate forms
  • Contract Creation
  • Document Storage
  • E-signature Capabilities
  • *Premium Add-On

Google Local SEO Concierge

LoKation has partnered with an independent certified Google Growth Consultant, proven in the industry, to assist with establishing and optimizing your Google My Business Profile and get found by your local farming area. Our Pro will set-up your entire Google My Business profile and optimize it, they can keep you going on a monthly basis with a link audit, all-access performance tracker, and dashboard to see how you can increase the exposure.

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