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Brokers Are Always Dangling Leads. Are They Qualified? How Are They Dispersed?


LoKation offers you many choices for leads with no upfront cost. There are varying splits between 25%-40%. Whether you are looking to kick-start or re-energize your Pipeline or just prefer saving the Lead Nurturing time, these companies all work seamlessly to put you directly with qualified buyers & sellers.

We are always adding new Lead Sources.  3 of them we list here, others you’ll learn about during your onboarding.  Plus, with our in-house referral network of thousands of agents working together; you’ll have a competitive advantage in your area.

  • Real Estate Referrals
  • No Upfront Costs
  • 40% Referral Fee on All Deals

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  • Homelight gives top real estate agents a platform to showcase their skills and experience
  • 25% Referral Fee
  • No Upfront Cost

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  • Buyer Referrals
  • No upfront costs. Only pay for successful deals.
  • Algorithm matches you with pre-screened, serious clients.
  • Promote your expertise via confidential, personalized proposals that highlight your skills.
  • We help you tailor your listing presentation to the seller’s preferences, increasing your chances of sealing the deal.

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