Training and Professional Development

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Training & Professional Development

At LoKation® Real Estate, we take pride in educating our Agents. We have many different programs, technology, and training tools for you to become successful. When you join LoKation® you will either attend or watch our orientation class online.

Our orientation class includes an overview of:

  • The Sphere
  • Compliance guidelines
  • Use of our in-house forms

Our calendar every month is packed with professional development classes, focus sessions with the broker, subject matter experts from Inspectors, Accountants, Board Programs – Like Transaction Desk and Forms Simplicity, and outside vendors. We do this at no additional cost to you!

Our hybrid model offers great Support from anywhere yet with many offices statewide for meeting clients, we cater to both newly licensed Agents as well as the most experienced of Realtors® across Florida, Georgia & Colorado.

Stop by the office for a face-to-face class, live stream on zoom, or enjoy our library of training classes (subscribe to our YouTube Channel) from the comfort of your own home, any-day…any-time!

LoKation School of Real Estate

LoKation® School of Real Estate brings you the highest quality distance education available. Online courses can be accessed as your schedule allows. Our courses are all designed with special learning features tailored to adult learners and can be easily accessed through this convenient website.

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